Why do I care about attendance?

Attendence helps determine whether a player gains the Raider rank. This rank rewards players with raid invitation priority and loot priority in 25-man raids. The minimum for the rank is 80% attendance, and there are other requirements as well.


So how is attendance calculated?

It's calculated by "raid event." Most raid events are boss kills. There will also typically be a "trash event" if a trash mob in a raid instance drops significant loot like a BoP epic item.


Can I get attendance if there's no room in the raid for me? How about if I offer to sit out?

Yes in both cases. Please join the "primestandby" channel, then stay logged in and available to get your attendance credit plus DKP for the night. You can also switch to an alt, as long as you join the "primestandby" channel on that character.


What if I want attendance credit but don't want to play WoW?

If you would like to be available by instant message or phone call instead of through WoW, whisper Keltos about it. Again, the important thing from our point of view is that we can tap you at a moment's notice. If someone abuses this privilege and is found to be unavailable when we need them, this will cause us to reevaluate previous attendance credit as well as that night's.


So I can do whatever I want and still get attendance credit and DKP?

Well, only within reason. We do call up people from the standby channel if a raider has to leave early or has persistent connection problems. If you commit yourself to running an unguilded PuG raid instance, for example, you would have to ditch your commitment there to join us. Neither choice looks good to our officers. So your attendance will not be counted.


How do you know who was present?

We use a mod that exports most raid information to our web site. In addition, Keltos takes screenshots of the standby channel before boss pulls and after significant trash loot drops. He then inputs the standby participants to our system manually.


Doesn't this method mean attendance varies by night?

Yes, it does. We do juggle our instances around as much as possible. That way, there is no "good" or "bad" day of the week to attend. If we feel the event log doesn't correctly reflect the amount of effort people put in one night, we may put in a "boss attempt" event that awards no dkp but does count towards attendance.


Why don't you just go by raid night? Or raid instance?

Our web host (GuildLauch) doesn't provide any easy method for calculating attendance by night or by raid instance. If the option to calculate attendance differently becomes available later on, we'll discuss it. Meanwhile, one positive impact of this method is that we can award partial attendance to people who are only available for part of the evening.


How do I find out what my attendance is currently?

Check our DKP page. You'll see columns for "Last 30" and "Last 60." These are attendance numbers for the last 30 and 60 days. We use the 30 day column to determine who gains the raider rank. To lose it, you must be below 80% on both columns.


Can you help me understand what the DKP page is saying?

Sure! Let's try an example.


30 Days
Dotz 57/60 (95%)


In this example, there were 60 events (boss kills or trash events) during the past 30 days. Dotz was present for 57 of them. So Dotz attended 95% of the total. Her attendance is 95%.


How do I find out what events someone missed?

You can go to the "Raids" tab. The link for "Past Raids" is on the left. Each raid lists attendees on the bottom.
Click a name on the "DKP" page. Scroll to the bottom for a list of all the raids they attended.

Clicking on a raid link will show you the details on how many events occurred in each raid instance.


How often does Prime review its members' raid attendance?

We check it on Wednesday morning and make the appropriate changes by Wednesday night's raid start. We keep the same ranks for the whole raid week.

Why not check attendance every day?

Raid setup is already time consuming. Checking attendance weekly allows us to be consistent without overburdening the officers at their busiest time. Also, it reduces confusion about loot priority. Our members will tend not to check each others' attendance constantly, but most can handle a weekly lookover.


How does this work with recruits?

Recruits still have loot priority below both raiders and members. They have the opportunity to earn the raider rank by the time their recruitment period is over. When we promote them to a full member, we will shift them to the correct rank based on their attendance and performance so far. This is one change that can occur mid-week, and more power to them. :)


Why use different columns for gaining versus losing the rank? Wouldn't it be easier to use the same column for everything?

Our recruits don't want to use the 60-day column to determine who gets the rank. If it was like that, some would wait an extra month to reach their full loot/invite priority potential. Meanwhile, our veterans would like to be able to take a vacation or handle an urgent real life issue now and again. A week's vacation might run afoul of our 30-day limit, but the 60-day limit covers it.

Those who have barely scraped by on attendance will find that a haitus will drop them too low on both attendance columns. If somebody's had very high attendance for the last couple of months, a break is perhaps fair. The goal here is to stick to policy that is consistent across all players while also cutting people a little slack if they've been well above our minimum standards.