1) Invites: Invites to our raids will begin up to 30 minutes before the scheduled pull time. So if a raid is scheduled to begin at 7:30 server, invites may start going out at 7:00. Our ability to start on time depends on how well our raiders sign up in advance, update their signups as needed, and show up at the gather time, all of which is highly encouraged. Class composition and overall guild benefit has priority over who signed up "first." Please don't take it personally if you aren't able to attend a particular raid.

2) Loot: Guild rank determines loot priority, with mains and main spec over alts and alt specs. Loot is then distributed based on a DKP system, which we utilize for 20 person raids only. Excessive greed, loot drama, and loot whoring will not be tolerated.

3) Behavior: We all raid for the same reasons, to progress, to get loot for our characters and have fun while doing it. There will be up to 19 other people in our raids. Berating others, childish/rude behavior, or anything else that takes away from the enjoyment of the game for others will not be permitted. Going AFK or on Auto Follow without warning or with too much frequency may be cause for removal from the raid. Be on best behavior when interacting with people outside the guild. This includes trade chat and pugged raids. Failing to do say will tarnish the reputation of Prime and as a consequence you may be removed from the guild.

4) Chatter: While we enjoy friendly banter during easymode trash mobs, keep the channel clear while the raid concentrates on boss fights and other difficult tasks. If you want to brag to someone about how much you crit for, do it in a tell. If you want to run a damage meter, fine. Do not spam the meter in raid, say, or any other public channel during the raid. If you and your friends want to spam meters, create a channel and spam it there.

5) Requirements: Ventrilo, Weak Auras, Deadly Boss Mods/Bigwigs, and Raid Frames (or equivalents mods) are required for you to raid with us. You do not have to speak in Vent, but you must be able to listen for directions and strategies. Please download updated versions of these add-ons when major game patches occur. If you show up to a raid without the required tools, you may be removed. Please see an officer if you're unable to run a required add-on.

6) Schedule: Raid dates are posted publicly a few days in advance. These days and times will be subject to change if they are inconvenient to too many members. The instances we visit will be determined in part on raid composition. If someone consistently fails to show after signing up, they may be shifted to a lower priority when raid spots are determined.

7) Preparedness: You must come to each and every raid completely prepared. This means you are fully repaired, have an ample supply of reagents for buffing, bandages, health/mana/buff pots, and are ready to spend hours at computer raiding, not afk for a drink/food/smoke every 5 minutes. Players who agree to go on stand-by are similary expected to be prepared at a moments' notice. If necessary, we'll withhold DKP/loot from players who force delays onto others.