Though Prime is primarily about the social and raiding aspects of gaming, PvP is another acceptable method of gameplay. At various times, members have looked to PvP to earn specific gear. As demand dictates, guild officers or other members may organize arena combat or guilded battleground runs.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind...

A) If we are raiding PvP as a guild, it is expected that conduct will be raid-appropriate
B) If we're organized, then we'll be utilizing strategy, not going solo and just killing stuff
C) If people are in a PvP Vent channel, they are there to PvP. This isn't the place to drop in and chat about specs, real life, etc.
D) Just like in any raid, fun is to be expected. But please keep irrelevant chatter to a minimum.

To aid our ability to respond in real time to unpredictable opponents, please respect our members' time when they are in the PvP vent channel.