Lockout and Pug Rules
Important info about RaidIDs - If you participate in a Mythic Raid (or Heroic before 6.0 pre-patch) you will be saved to a RaidID. You are then locked out from participating in another Mythic Raid. If you do a Mythic boss with another raid that is not Prime, you will not be able to raid with us for that week. Even if we are a boss ahead and want to join our progression on a later boss, you cannot join our RaidID. By joining Prime you are agreeing to raid with us; not raid with another guild. Do not get saved!
 If you transfer and participate in a Mythic Raid, you will not be able to raid with us for that lockout week. Plan your transfers accordingly if you plan to raid with us.
*To be safe only raid with Prime and do not pug.
*If you are uncertain about any detail concerning pugging, RaidIDs, or lockouts, ask an officer.
Pug on alts only - Current raid content that is on farm status and you have not agreed to use that alt in our main raid as a backup.
NO pugs please - Raid bosses that are undefeated or not on farm. Do not pug Mythic Raids!

If puggable raid content is run during a raid, we won't give attendance/dkp credit to someone who can't attend due to pugging.
As always, Friends and Family ranked players are the exceptions who can pug it all. The trade off is lower priority for 20-man loot and invites to scheduled raids.

What About Future Game Patches?

Please assume until told otherwise that:
* New raid content will NOT be puggable at first.
* A new boss in an old raid may not be puggable until he's on farm.
* Officers will post an update here when new things become puggable.
*If it is current tier assume you are not allowed to pug.

One rule of thumb is that raid bosses will be unpuggable until Prime can reliably get them down in our guild raids. Then they will be puggable for alts but perhaps not for mains. Content one tier behind is generally puggable for both mains and alts. This is our way of balancing the twin goals of having content to fall back on during "slow" nights and allowing members to pug easy content.

In general, you can expect our future policies to prefer small sacrifices for the greater good OVER purely mercenary betterment of oneself. If you're not interested in helping other people out even if it benefits you less overall, this may not be the guild for you.

Anyone who disagrees with our pug policy should speak directly to the GM or officers. The officers will continue discussing it so we can update our policy as Prime progresses further. Thanks for your patience and understanding.