Prime was set up to be a guild for both fun and endgame progression. As such, we have some general rules that we observe within our guild.

1) Respect is the utmost responsibility of every player. Prime will not tolerate discrimination, bigotry, hate speech or any other form of behavior that focuses on belittling or demeaning any players, inside or outside Prime membership. We recognize that we have players from numerous backgrounds and experience levels and that, at times, there will be miscommunication or misunderstanding. However, should a player be found to be purposely or maliciously offensive, that person will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including removal from the guild.

2) When applying for membership with Prime, it is imperative that you submit an application on our website forums. This is true regardless of who you know or what may have been worked out in advance of your applying formally. Applications provide us with information we require for every single player. After that step is complete, the appropriate officer will contact you in the game to chat a bit. An officer will most likely group with you so that you and the guild can see if there is a good fit. We make longterm investments in our players and search carefully for those who will treat our guild likewise.

3) Have fun and know your limits! The biggest expectation Prime has for its members is for them to enjoy the game, regardess of whether it's grinding rep or taking part in raids. It is important to note, however, that in having fun, please recognize that there are social expectations as well. Vulgarity within guild/raid/ventrilo chat is generally discouraged. Know the difference between "good humor" and "crude language." Players that continually pepper public chat with vulgarity may be removed.

4) Know thy officers. We have a great group of folks that have taken on the officer positions to enable faster, more efficient decision making. As such, know your leaders! They are there to provide everything from guidance to an ear should there be an issue. Officers, for their part, should listen and learn about our members to the extent their time allows. Their job is to support our guild's policies and decisions, while helping members understand and navigate our rules successfully. Our officers are great, but they can't read minds. So don't be a stranger.

5) Issues/Grievances: In the event that an issue arises, the player affected should immediately contact an appropriate officer. It has been our experience that, when handled in this way, issues are resolved much quicker than having a player try to "stir the pot" in public. Going to an officer in private = taking the initiative to resolve the issue. Igniting public chat with incendiary speech = Drama Queen. Our officers should take issues outside their areas of responsiblity to the other officers or the guild leader as needed. Flat disrespect shown towards our chain of command will be treated as what it is... an an attack on our structural foundations and guild morale.

6) Raids/Loot: Raid attendance, invitation, and loot procedure will be the subject of a separate post. However, it bears noting that our rules for respect continue even if a shiny epic item drops. Ninjas will not be tolerated nor will incessant loot fiends. If your goal is to attempt to snatch every item you can get your hands on at any cost, then Prime is not the guild for you. There will be times that loot distribution will be made based upon need of the raid or the guild. Those times will be few, but they will happen (example: gearing a MT). Beyond these exceptional moments, gear will be distributed based upon participation / attendance per loot procedure. Also note that Prime discourages members from raiding outside the guild except where permission has been expressly given in advance. Please see an officer for details.


7) ToS violations: These will not be tolerated. Getting banned holds back the guild and progress. If it is discovered you violated Blizzard ToS you jeopardize not only your standing with the guild, but membership aswell.