Going forward we will be deciding loot for Normal and Heroic content as follows.

1. We will roll "/random 100" for items.

2. We will use our priority system based on ranking to determine who rolls on loot. Basically, our top rank, Raider, gets first shot at loot.

For example, Raiders interested in a piece of loot will be asked to roll. The Raider with the highest roll is awarded the item. If no Raiders wants the item, or decides to pass, Members will be asked to roll. Next in line is Recruits. Lastly, at the bottom is Friends and Family and then Casual.  

3. If you won an item from a boss, you are allowed to roll on another item from the same boss by asking permission from the officers backed by strong reasons to why use of both items best serves the guild. "It's an upgrade" will not be accepted. Your request will be denied if the officers disagree with your reasons.

This is to prevent someone, who has no one with same rank competing for the same items, from denying a shot at loot to lower ranked guild members. 

4. Officers have final judgment and say in giving permission to roll on multiple items per boss, if you already won a piece from the same boss. For example, it turns out no one else needs the item.

5. There will be supervision from officers to ensure loot is being spread around fairly.

6. We expect everyone to look at the stats of the items that drop(especially in cases where two pieces drop you can use). We want to avoid situations where someone rolled on an item and won, however another piece that has yet to be rolled for is the better upgrade.

7. We also encourage everyone to be mindful of others in the raid. Discuss each others needs when it comes to drops many of you could use.

8. The officers will enforce the loot policies to ensure loot is going where it needs to go. These policies can trump ranking.

Specifically, the policies that have always been in place but never invoked because our normal loot distribution policy(Zero Sum DKP) has worked so well for us, in the past, in keeping things fair. So I will quote from those sections of our Guild Policies as a reminder and bold the part we are specifically referring to.

"Raids/Loot: Raid attendance, invitation, and loot procedure will be the subject of a separate post. However, it bears noting that our rules for respect continue even if a shiny epic item drops. Ninjas will not be tolerated nor will incessant loot fiends. If your goal is to attempt to snatch every item you can get your hands on at any cost, then Prime is not the guild for you. There will be times that loot distribution will be made based upon need of the raid or the guild. Those times will be few, but they will happen (example: gearing a MT). Beyond these exceptional moments, gear will be distributed based upon participation / attendance per loot procedure. Also note that Prime discourages members from raiding outside the guild except where permission has been expressly given in advance. Please see an officer for details."


"Preparedness: You must come to each and every raid completely prepared. This means you are fully repaired, have an ample supply of reagents for buffing, bandages, health/mana/buff pots, and are ready to spend hours at computer raiding, not afk for a drink/food/smoke every 5 minutes. Players who agree to go on stand-by are similarly expected to be prepared at a moments' notice. If necessary, we'll withhold DKP/loot from players who force delays onto others."

9. Regardless of rank we may disqualify you from rolling on a piece of loot due to attendance. What good is the loot on you if your attendance is slipping and you are not around to make use of the loot for the guild?

10. Discuss loot issues with officers before or after raid.

The above quotes, specifically "There will be times that loot distribution will be made based upon need of the raid or the guild" gives the officers the power to enact and enforce the above loot policy for Normal and Heroic difficulties. It gives us the flexibility to make the necessary judgment calls to distribute loot in a manner that best serves the guild in cases that our normal loot system cannot. Since we currently use Zero Sum DKP for Mythic only, the officers believe the above loot policy for Normal and Heroic will best serve the guild.

With this policy we aim to:

- Gear up the guild as quickly as possible to move on to the next difficulty; and finally Mythic.

- Reward rank, attendance and performance.

- Create open discussion and awareness of each others loot needs.

- Be fair. At the end of the day we want to gear everyone.