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re: App: allmyfault

The application submitted by allmyfault is as follows:

Character name:

Character class / spec (ex: holy priest):
Shadow Priest

Provide a link to your character's profile on Blizzard's Armory (

Are you willing to change spec as needed?:

Are you able to make our raid dates/times? (We raid Wed, Thur, Sun & Mon 7:30-11:00 EST):

How much do you play each week?:
It really depends on what I have to do. I'm free weekdays 6pm-11pm and weekends pretty much all day. Usually I'll spend most, if not all, of my free weekday time on WoW (or at least on my computer able to be accessed).

I'd also like to add that my priest was just faction changed a good ten minutes before making this account. It's confirmed and I'm on with the above name but the armory isn't updated yet. The link above is the one I can see, the following is what I assume it will be by the time this application is reviewed:

Anything else you'd add about raid attendance::
I am a mature adult capable of making plans and sticking to them. If I say I am going to be somewhere, it's an extremely safe bet that I'll be there.

What are your reasons for wanting to join Prime?:
I'm a returning WoW player. I'm interested in raiding a little more hardcore than just pugging. I've been looking around for a raiding guild and found Prime in the sticky on the WoW Realm Forums. After reading through your policies and seeing your raid times, I felt like this would be a great fit.

If there are alts we should look for to find you, what are their names?:
Baredurid; Allmyfault; Aurinth; Fakedruid; Adenith; Itcouldbe

Tell us your character's history with previous guilds. Please explain why you're no longer with them. :
The only guild of note was during WotLK called "Blackout" on Bonechewer. The guild fell apart at the end of WotLK and completely dissolved with the launch of Cata.

List any character name changes, server or faction transfers, or previous main raiding characters.:
Actually listed all of the alts above, most of them have kept their names except "Allmyfault" was "Ammi" on Bonechewer and "Armina" was "Aurith" just recently on Horde Ysera and "Armina" on Bonechewer.

Is an authenticator attached to your account?:

What raid instances / raid bosses are you experienced with so far?:
I am an extremely experienced raider mechanically. Most of my raid experience was in WotLK, downing every raid while it was current tier. Even went so far as to get Insanity in ToC and Undying in Naxx. Since WotLK, I've had a lot of instability in my home/job life (I was young) so I haven't done much each expansion (except MoP which I skipped because I had zero interest in that expansion). That said, I'm an intelligent individual who researches bosses ahead of time, knows not to stand in fire, researches his class to maximize every ounce of damage/healing/survivability and has good situational awareness.

Please provide us with performance parses/logs from Warcraft Logs from your previous raids. If you can't, explain why.:
I just recently returned and haven't raided yet since returning.

Nuts to bolts, describe how you contribute to the raid's success at a particular boss encounter.:
I primarily raid as dps although I am flexible and am always familiar with my offspecs. As a dps, I aim to provide the highest dps possible while still providing utility as needed (Leap of Faith someone away from the deathfire is always fun). As previously mentioned, I also have good situational awareness and have been the Caller of Things on many a fight. I have, on occasion, stepped into leadership roles as well. I put together and lead the server-first Naxx pug group to successfully complete the entire raid. It doesn't sound terribly impressive but at the time getting pugs together capable of clearing the whole of Naxx was difficult.

Tell us a little about your real life (job, school, family, hobbies, etc)::
I work full-time at a massive insurance company. It's an enjoyable job although I am currently working on switching from their service department to their IT department. I enjoy swimming and have taken to spending more time doing it now that it's the summer, substituting it over most of my other workouts.

What is your battletag or other way to contact you?:

Application Availability Info:
Sunday -> Always
Monday -> Always
Tuesday -> Always
Wednesday -> Always
Thursday -> Always
Friday -> Always
Saturday -> Always
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re: App: allmyfault

Howdy, thank you for applying. Currently we are not raiding due to burn out on the content and disinterest in the expansion. We will be picking things back up once Legion is released. If you would like to chat add my battletag SolidDave666#1668. Maybe can help you find a guild or if you are still interested in raiding with us we can keep in touch until Legion.
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