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Prime is an alliance-side raiding guild on Ysera that has weathered over eight years of progress. Our members are expected to have the raiding skills to prevail and the social skills to succeed with grace. More than half of our members have been with us for over a year and raid at least 80% of the time.

We believe that the backbones of our operation deserve first dibs at the experiences and rewards our raids have to offer. Therefore, our top rank confers privileges for raid invitation and loot priority. Our raiders meet tough but fair requirements for raid performance and attendance. Prime's players put in effort outside raids to maximize our limited raid time.

Our current raid schedule is:
Monday - 7:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. Eastern Time
Wednesday - 7:30 p.m. to 11 p.m.
Thursday - 7:30 p.m. to 11 p.m.
Sunday - 7:30 p.m. to 11 p.m.

*Wed, Thurs, Sun are mandatory raid (Mythic) progression days. Monday is a light clean-up day for completing Heroic and/or Normal as a guild. We reserve the right to rarely use Monday for Mythic progression if we are very close to a kill and attendance with an optimal comp is present to achieve the kill.

If you have questions about Prime, please contact:
Keltos (GM and officer)
Zariah/Guice (officer and raid leader)
Syncrowe/Valkyryn (officer and raid leader)

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Transition to 20-man Mythic

by Zariah of Ysera, 6 days ago

Good news! Our transition to the new raid size is a success.


When the Mythic raid size was announced, the task of recruiting to meet the demand of the new raid seemed almost insurmountable at the time. After all, we were a 10 man guild on a server where the raiding population left a lot to be desired. The merger with Durotan definitely brought more activity to the server. Still, for a long stretch, it was difficult to find people. But we made do with what we had.

Right Now:

With WoD around the corner, and 6.0 live, interest in raiding seems to be high again. It allowed Prime to quickly get our Mythic roster together with a combination of new recruits and returning members. I am thankful for everyone's interest and devotion to raiding with Prime come WoD. I cannot wait to experience the new content with you all! With that said we still need to add a few more to the roster.

What we need:

Our roster needs a few more Range DPS. Warlock is in very high demand for us. We could also use a Mistweaver Monk. Past raiding and past progression experience is very much what we are looking for in applicants. However, as always we evaluate the person behind their character and are willing to make exceptions to demands if we think the person is a good fit.

One last thing! Make sure to read Guild Policies section on the site. For older members we've made some changes there that relate to us now being a 20 man guild. We want everyone to be familiar with the policies heading into the expansion. If there is any questions or you want to provide feedback get in contact with an officer.

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Blackfuse or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and love to Wipe

by Zariah of Ysera, 55 days ago

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For the last two months there was a huge block to get this boss down. I remember the first week of attempts was not productive at all due to comp available. We had to use two sets of two different raiders, including me, because our Hunter was not available. Having less people doing belts really cuts down the learning curve for that portion of the fight, but we just did not have that option at first. With me being on belts, as raider leader, made it difficult to analyze the platform. So we had to pull in someone else to learn belts in my place, which required additional attempt of practice.

Once Zero (our Hunter) returned, it was just a matter of him learning belts. Then it was a matter of figuring out what we want to kill on belts and figure out which strategy and positioning worked for us on the platform. Believe me we tried everything. And this was mostly due to each week we would have someone missing due to real life or Summer vacation. So it was a big process of relearning the strategy we worked on, then trying something else and having to relearn that again when people dropped in and out; not ideal at all.

Our ideal comp was not always set in stone each week most weeks, so extending was not an option. Not to mention we had new recruits on trial that we had to see in action. Getting to Blackfuse with all the pieces in place to make solid attempts was a freakin boss with in its self.

For all the strategies we used from looking at videos and reading guides, we just could not break what seemed like a 68% wall.

The breakthrough came this past Sunday and Monday night, after weeks of trying a strategy we thought we were making progress on (we were getting closer to 40%) and after seeing everything that could wrong on the fight to just shatter a great attempt. We normally don't like to change a strategy when are already put in significant attempts. I told my raid team to trust me here and try to kill Missiles on belts. This strategy allowed us to have set positions and keep things a little more under control.

The hardest part with "No Missile" strategy was coming out of the first empowered laser, you have the empowered magnet with laser. Once we got passed that part the fight difficulty was easier, we were getting to sub 35% on a lot of attempts. Hell, we got to 22% with two DPS down for a good chunk of the fight. Our best attempt on Monday was 9%, I think that started to fall apart because someone on belts died. When the raid night came to an end we were pretty excited because we knew a kill was finally within reach. We then decided to extend our lockout into this week.

The pressure was high going into this raid week due to the fact we may only have two raid days because of Labor Day weekend.

Wednesday was a complete bust. We did not make any significant progress or get close to what we did on Monday. We did modify the strategy to kill Magnet on belt three, which gave us empowered missile to deal with instead (which is fine because you just kill it before it's a problem). The transition was a lot easier at the cost of slightly more saw blades flying across the room in the later empowered magnet phase. This was easily solved by just moving the ranged and healers to safer part of the room, which we were naturally there anyway.

Frustration was high after Wednesday because at that point mechanics are so routine after the number of attempts over the months, it really comes down to everyone needs to play better.

So Thursday I set the guild message to "Kill Heroic Blackfuse tonight and I will take shots equal to the first digit in our kill time" as sort of a motivation for us. Thursday was the night though. We were consistently getting under 38%. Yes there were stupid mistakes here and there, and lag and disconnects that you just know would have been the kill if things went right. It just seemed we could not catch a break.

And then finally, what looked like it was going to be a wipe. At sub 20% Zero, our only hunter doing belts each wave, freakin dies! I say "Rez him and just burn the boss!" So we are sitting there burning through two shields on the boss with all three weapons going. I am screaming "Live!" and Fred is screaming "Live!" Dammit everyone live somehow! It's is so slow with the shield up on the boss that last 5% was an eternity and Keltos disconnects. Oh no! I die at 2%, but there is enough people up. Just live!

Boom! We killed this asshole. Fred let out the most embarrassing nerd scream ever!

It's moments like this why I love raiding with the awesome folks at Prime. We may not kill stuff the fastest, but I really enjoy killing bosses with these great people.

Can't wait to finish the next two bosses and raid Mythic with everyone here in WoD.

Enjoy your weekend guys!

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Official: Prime is Recruiting for Mythic and Tier 16!

by Zariah of Ysera, 339 days ago

Check out Currently Recruiting to the left if you are interested in applying to our guild for Tier 16.

On to the news. . . .

We are officially announcing that we will be stepping into Mythic raiding for Warlords of Draenor. Like many other strict 10 man guilds, the news of 20 man raiding came to a shock. While we were once a 25 man guild during TBC and Wrath, we settled on the 10 man format in Cata because it allowed leadership a much needed break from the stresses of managing and recruiting a large group of people.

The other fact is 10 man raiding allowed Prime to have a more loyal and close knit group of players that stuck with it for many normal and heroic boss kills. We felt the 10 man was giving us the challenge we sought after, but with a group of raiders that wanted to raid in Prime.

Prime has always looked at the long term and the value of the person behind their character. In the last couple of years, 10 man has been fun. We retained players far longer than compared to 25 man. However, now it's once again time to look at the long term.

Prime is 7 years old and has a long history on Ysera. Traditionally, we've also stepped into the hardest content in the game, even if we may not finish by the end of the tier. We value hard mode raiding as a guild, as content we like to experience and do not want to give up. Despite our collective kicking and screaming about having to once again manage a larger group size, not to mention difficulties in recruiting, we knew that for the guild to continue raiding the content we like to do we will have to move to 20 man raiding.

Settling just on the renamed normal and heroic modes is not enough for us. We want to do hard mode raiding like we've been doing since Wrath. For the sake of the continued longevity of Prime and our values, we will step into Mythic raiding next expansion.

There are some difficulties, however. I will not list them because all you have to do is read any discussion on the WoW forums about this change.

We have a plan of action that will hopefully get us the players we need. Things have been difficult in the last month for us as we experience short term roster issues such as temporary schedule changes, lateness, absences, and a couple people leaving us. It happens and we've been through this many times. We are still here. We will continue to strive to get done what we can do while we look for the next raiders that will be with us for the long term.

If you are interested in raiding with Prime please submit an application.

In the next update I will discuss our future plans for our activity on the server and building that roster to be Mythic ready.

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